So I'm trying to put together a small team or single individual to develop an extremely simple program that streams video from one single user to one other. The streamed video can be live or pre-recorded. I would imagine since its directly user to user there is no need for server interaction, but my knowledge here is limited.

So my question is. Is it possible for a single programmer to write a program that can send real time video from one friend to another friend?

I go to the friends list of the program and select Bob. I click 'stream from...' then it allows me to pick from my web cam, or a saved file on the hard drive. I pick 'hard drive' and start streaming him a video of me cooking some food.

I realize that sending Bob a single file or using YouTube etc. would be more efficient. But I'm trying to prove the logic here.

I'm aware of bandwidth limitations, quality, etc. The main concern is, can a single programmer be hired to create a ďseeminglyĒ simple friends list with a stream video option within a time frame of roughly 6 months or less.

Again, please donít suggest other options. Iím well aware of them. This is for a project Iím putting together so I need to know if its possible to do on a small scale or requires a massive team with a huge budget.

I appreciate any and all feedback that relates to the topic.

Thanks in advance.