I have a strange logging issue on when I log in from my computer at home to My Space. Usually, when I log in at home it directs me to the Log out page and I have to click on ¨Go back to Home Page¨ in order to type in my password again. This is the part that concerns me, I have to go back and type in the password again. Sounds like a Trojan to me in a way, I thought it could be a Trojan Sub7 because of the fact that I have to type in the password again, sounds like a functionality of the key logger but I am not sure.

This only happens when I log in to myspace from my computer, not from any other computer. I have scanned the computer several times with the Trend Micro anti virus, but other from a couple of profiling cookies I have not found anything else. Unless that the Trojan was hidden on the profiling cookies which I'm not sure is possible, as far as I know, Trojans usually come hidden as mail.

Any thoughts on this?