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u gotta explin it better, because only with IP what he can do is scan your open ports and send u a "Ping of Death" which will crash ur computer. Except this i dont see any hacking attempts unless u ellaborate what exactly happened.

basicly he just made me loose my internect conection for 2 minutes. i dont really have a clue how but i'll copy-paste any relevant info he said. maybe it will help.
liked tha show? ^^
u have nothin to worry about
it'z called ddos if u wanna search fo it on the net
and the cable guys from this town
paid 10 000 euros
to buy protection for that
i can still make their whole system down in 1 sec
my point is there is no such protection, once u have it u can burn up whatever u want
u know Garena.com
the place
ye, not to you
to anyone i know hiz ip adress
i can shut it down permanently, untill he changez the ip
i've been doin this 2 years ago
it'z not fun anymore
if i attack ur ip
u can put as much firewalls as u want
but i'm attacking from 100+ servers
which can upload 10MB/s
and u can't find a firewall which can support that big attacks
u can do whatever u want, once i have ur ip
evendough i can tracert it
u know run cmd
tracert ip
and it tellz me for one packet
through which ipz he goes
so i can find the ip where u take internet from
so ur whole provider will be netless
and i can trace ur ip while we are talking on msn
just by having u on msn i can find ur ip
jus emagine
if i waz that evil
as my sis said
u wouldn't have net for months
i got people
paying me 1000$ US
and much more
jus to teach them how to do this (****)
some web designers
which have competition
there is a way to hide ur ip
but once someone knowz ur ip, there is nothin u cAn do
well, thats all the relavant stuff he said about it. i just know he cut my conection. dont ask me how cause thats wat i want to know.