Before i explain my problem i would just like to mention that i dont know much about the matter im going to talk about, so im looking for someone who can be really patient and teach me even basic stuff.
Now to the problem itself... basicly someone who i have on my msn just hacked me today. He didnt do anything but to leave me without internet access for like 2 minutes (that was merely the time he wanted it to last). As far as i know he got my IP from msn and from there he did that. Even believing he wont do anything else i wanted to know a bit more about how these things work and how i can prevent it from happening again (if possible). This guy is no beginer in these things so i guess that if there is a way to prevent him from doing it again it wont be an easy one. If someone is willing to help me i can provide further details about my conversation with him about what he did. Thanks for the help already.