Hello there .
I am a beginner web developer. And you definatly know the value of having a good portfolio for working as a
freelancer . I have already learnt many things related to HTML,CSS,JavaScript+jQuery,PHP,MySQL,SQL.
Right know I think its time for me to build a portfolio web-site. But when it comes starting to build I face basically
following two issues .

1...So my FIRST problem is related to the external look (the design) of the web-site . .
In general when people make-web sites what kind of tools they use for the design of sites ?(the starting point)
I mean do they start building the HTML+CSS code from scratch ? or they use special tools for designing the web-sites.
I have already heard about Dreamweaver that it will handle HTML and CSS for you .
But in general do professional web-designers use Dreamweaver? If not , what other kind of tools
(I mean what are the most famous tools ) do you know that professional designers use to design the interfaces
of web-sites ? (just the external look)
I really need that kind of tools since i want to build a poritfolio web-site and i think my main problem is the design of the site.
And i want to have that kind of tools in order to organize colors,texts,images,videos in the way that looks a little good .
To be honest I am not that much talanted designer so the need for that tools is really huge.

2...My SECOND problem is related to the site's administrator panel(if I am not mistaken also called control panel)
Does adminstrator panel is somthing similar to a basic CMS(Content Managment System)? And in general does every
web-site is "obliged" to have a control panel ? Or maybe that control panels comes with the design tools? I dont know...
Please help me to understant how can i build an effective control panel . And if my following question is right ...
please then answer..What are the tools that can be used for making control panel to control the structure of the web-site

Please be gentle and hel me!!!

I deeply appreciate your time spent on reading my problem and really really hope to hear your suggestions soon!!!

Thank you!!!