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> You know you canny use STL in i960 processor due to PCR 4 level of compiler.
Do you have any references for this rather bold assertion?
Also, which compiler / STL implementation are you talking about? There are many of each you know.
Passport software on Distibuted system means i am talking about In telecom one service is known as "GPRS" . for it One PCUSN node in which Many processor. some of processor are Intel's i960 or Motorola PowerPC and some control processor also. In these sytem operating sytem is VXWORKS . This operating sytem is of windriver company. This VxWorks is very specific to hardware( mainly for Embedded).

This Real Time Passport Operating System does not support RTTI( Run time Type Identification) & Exception. It's not support of template also by compiler of PCR level 4.1 .