partition table was lost on a hd, but was able to recover .jpg using raw recovery, but no file names, so they are all mixed including ads/temporaryfiles/junk/etc....

the ones im looking to get out of the pot have high resolutions, but any program i try to run fails, either due to high volume or some files are still corrupted.

so i need a sorter to go through all the pictures and split them into two directory,
1.good pictures
2. when i preview some of them it tells me drawing failed can i intercept this error code somehow and sort them like this. this comes from windows explorere(preview)

then i need to sort the good pictures by resolutiongs, so i end up with
good pictures that have high resolutiongs.
thank you very much, i been trying to do this manually, but it has taken me days to get through even 5000 of them, i cant do anymore manually, too tired neeed sleep