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I need some advice here. Back in Jan I was able to access somes FB acct. I jus browsed. I did come across some info I felt like I needed to share. Annonymously. This raised a red flag and she chgd her password. Apparently she vot authorities involved. I figured they wouldn't bother with petty FB drama. Now this a.m. I decided to get into her email- simple password guessing. Apparently an investigtor is working on this. Has subpoenad FB, narroed down IPs and resubpoened FB. I know frm here the ISP will get supoenaed and I'm pretty much done. I wish someone cld tell me it'l be ok- but I kno it's not. I'm scared sh**less. I can't believe this mess- I'm worried and paranoid. What ca I expect to happen frm here??
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Behind the bar or some billion dollar fine depending on whose account you were seeing.