You know that there is a method called tokenize in Java, which separates a string into parts according to a set of specified characters called delimiters. Unfortunately, there is no such built-in function in C++
Yes there is: strtok

It's probably as well to create a different thread per question so that comments about one don't get confused with the other. Or do you have to choose only one of these to do? (If so, I'd probably pick 1. because it's more interesting.)

How far have you got with the project(s) and where are you stuck? Does the code you have written so far do something unexpected and you can't figure out why? What, in short, do you want us to help you with (other than the obvious implication of writing the whole program for you, which is dishonest and could get you a fail on the course and/or expulsion from the college - academia takes plagiarism very seriously and where not labelled "research" is often the ultimate sin)?