A baby sitter charges $1.50 per hour until 9:00 pm (while the kids are still up), $1.00 per hour between 9:00 pm and midnight, and $1.25 per hour after midnight (since late night baby sitting interferes with morning classes).
Write a program that reads the sitter's starting time in hours and minutes and the ending time in hours and minutes and then computes the sitter's fee. Assume all times are between 6:00 pm and 6:00 am; hours should be entered as numbers on a 12-hour clock, so that hour 3 should be considered as 3:00 am and hour 8 should be considered as 8:00 pm. Hours outside the range 1 to 12 should be considered invalid.
[Note: You may not use a 24 hour clock for this problem. Also, times must be given in hours and minutes (as two nonnegative integer values).]