Since i posted the old screensaver, i've learned quite a few things. Hence the new version. Mainly it's just lighting. I also have a version that is not a screensaver(the .exe) that demands more from the graphics, but looks better. Also, the coding is much better than the screensavers. I learned a while ago about Push and Poping the Matrix, better ways of blending(for the sun and rings of saturn), and lighting. The URL for both programs is... http://static.eos.net/michaeljamessm...larSystems.zip

Here also is the code for the projects. http://s48.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0...B1PQHJPCLAVEGB It's just a temporary link, cause the server that I usually put stuff on is down, so i'll fix that soon. But anyway, the code is in there.

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