Look at This post for a much better version of the screensaver. Also, a non-screensaver remake(in which the coding is way better) that looks better.

Hello all,
I have finished my first OpenGL program that I am sending to the public. Thanks to all of you for your tips and suggestions. This one doesn't load any 3D files in, but I think it's pretty nifty. It's a screensaver of the SolarSystem. I'm hoping to make the sun acually shine eventually. Any suggestions on that would be nice. Also any comments or suggestions to any other part of it are welcome. Enjoy. Read the install part of the readme if you don't know how to install screensavers(which I'm sure all of you do).
Here is the link for download. The program itself is much smaller, but with the source(which needs the data folder[which holds all the textures] it gets bigger). Keep in mind that all the pictures are stored in the .scr, so you don't need to copy the Data folder along with the .scr. It's just for the source.
Please tell me what you think, but please keep in mind I've only worked with OpenGL since December 2004.

P.S. I'm currently working on an asteriods remake. It most definetely won't be super, but it'll be my first program to load 3D files as well as trying out tons of new stuff.

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