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Best Tips for Social Media:

1. Identifying where your social media strategy is, and where you want it to be.

2. Monitoring social conversations and listening to your clients and the competition.

3. Engaging to build community by acknowledging the voice of the customer and interacting to offer perks and advice.

4. Empowering your practitioners and teams to engage your customers in conversation directly.

5. Encouraging your Social Teams to collaborate and distribute new learning both within the Team and your organization as a whole.

6. Securing your social profiles to avoid publishing errant messages.

7. Measuring your Social ROI by building the capacity for measurement into every social action.

8.Honing your messaging in order to amplify what works.
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First you must identify what you aim to do via social media. Do not aim to create a fan group. Try to create a community because the power of a community with shared interests is really huge.
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Nice post.
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The world of social media marketing is undergoing a sea change with social media marketing analysts depending more and more on social media networks to understand and predict the marketing trends in 2014. The analysis of social data that are fed in social media sites are helping to build up marketing insights and predict consumer behavior.
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Good useful tips.....