I use twitter and facebook but I am confused which one is better in social media marketing. Somebody says twitter and some says Facebook.

About Face Book:

Facebook appeals to social animals and can be very addicting to people who have an insatiable appetite to stay connected with friends and make new acquaintances. In fact, some people report they rarely use email or IM tools anymore in their online social communications anymore, relying almost entirely on Facebook for email, chat, image and video sharing.

* More difficult to navigate and update
* Requires investment of time to realize sustained benefit
* Opt in model requires a user to allow others to connect
* Less immediate responses; unless you stay logged on continually
* Overhead of mashup and “thick” applications could limit scalability, bloat cost structure

About Twitter:

The usefulness of Twitter is not readily as obvious to some people as Facebook; although it may be more addictive once you get the hang of Tweeting; you get more immediate responses and it seems to live somewhere between the worlds of email, instant messaging and blogging. Twitter encourages constant “linking out” to anywhere and, in that respect, is more analogous to a pure search engine; another way to find people and content all over the Net.

* Limited functionality; find people, send brief messages, direct replies
* Limited to 140 characters per update
* Not all people find it immediately useful
* Over-emphasis on follower counts
* Easily abused for spam and increasing the noise level
* Relatively smaller installed user base
* As yet no readily apparent monetization strategy

In the end, both Twitter and Facebook are simply communication tools; both will continue to evolve and morph as users find new ways to extract value and either network may or may become a long term winner in the rapidly evolving social networking space. Ultimately, the fact remains to be seen whether either application has a profitable, scalable and sustainable business model or whether the exit strategy is simply to be acquired.