i see , so comiler gives me ways to declare signal(...) ( token from signal.h, visual studio 2005):

"\Mvs\VC\include\signal.h(91): could be 'void (__cdecl *signal(int,void (__cdecl *)(int)))(int)'

or 'void (__clrcall *signal(int,void (__clrcall *)(int)))(int)'

or 'void (__clrcall *signal(int,int))(int)' "

as i think, __cdel means c - declaration (or not?) , then comes sight * means ,that function has atomatically activation - my suggestion, then comes 1st argument - signal code, then comes some function with some special property(??what property??) or (in last variant) number of returning value ( equal to exit(that number)
so that are my suggestions, how right they are?