Thanks for that quick reply.

Ya I understand what you are talking about I had that earlier but now that I have unknowingly deleted the core files from the 000webhost server. I cannot login to my webmail through my domain. They have an option to restore but that would be too risky for me as it will jeopardize my website. I don't want to take that risk. Anyways I don't want to use the webmail service provided by 000webhost.

I would instead prefer using the one given my domain registrar and what I am talking about here is that I have got free email from my domain registrar, and when I log into the domain registrars page it shows the problem I mentioned above. I have already mentioned my yahoo email id on my registrars profile but it says that the settings with my hosting provider is not working fine. What should I do ? I am in quest for solution since last 3 weeks or so. I hope someone has a solution here.