problem setting up phpMyAdmin

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mm... hi guys/girls whoever reads this !
so i'm havin a problem with setting up phpMyAdmin .
i am following a book to learn php and after installing XAMPP for windows i checked to see if phpMyAdmin was set up correctly and in the bottom of the page i get the following error

The additional features for working with linked tables have been deactivated. To find out why click here.

now i have no idea what all this is about, i'm a total beginner on php, haven't written the first php line yet.
it says it was something about

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['tracking'] ... not OK [Documentation]
Tracking: Disabled

so is it ok to run the server and continue learning php, if it's not please can you explain to me how to fix this ? in the most simple terms please...
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Right now you really don't need it. If your just starting you don't have a need to know how to use it or for a database to be honest. Your better off using mysql work bench because its not server software and is easier to use. Right now you just need php and apache installed and working together. I'd suggest using wamp instead of xampp. Unless you actually need tomcat and perl you don't need the big guns. Wamp works better in regards to total noobs and is easier to get around in. Of course zend server community has a sweet interface and is noob friendly too. Hope you get the basics first before you go gungho and leap in to a heap of trouble.
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thanx a lot pein87