I'm reading a text file into the program with the following format:
Becker John P
Ury Ismael C
Joker Samuel P
Sampson Kelly C
My code is below:
struct Roster {
    string LName;
    string FName;
    char Cheesecake;
    Roster *next, *prev;


    Roster * head;

    for (int record = 0;record < numRecords;record++)
            static Roster * thisRoster = new struct Roster;
            inFile >> thisRoster->LName;
            inFile >> thisRoster->FName;
            inFile >> thisRoster->Cheesecake;
            cout << (*thisRoster).LName << " " << (*thisRoster).FName << " " << (*thisRoster).Cheesecake << endl;

My issue is that I'm not sure how to "link" these together. I'm then supposed to be able to sort by last name etc. Can someone maybe give me pointers or help me modify this code to suit those purposes?