If you won't define any time in your session then also your session will expire in 20 minutes as the default time for a session to expire is 20 mins.
Kindly let me know that where exatly are you defining your session expiry time and also what code are you using.
I will suggest you to use the code given below to expire your session
sqlconnectionstring="your connection string;user id=<user id>;password=<password>"
server="server name"
port="your port number"

Hope this may help . If you still feel like having problem then let me know your code you are using to expire your session.


Originally Posted by sivaprasadnkv

I am using VS2003 with vb.net
in web.config i gave timeout as 20 minutes it is working and logout after timeout period.
if i gave time out as 1 hour ie 60 minutes then it is not working and its logout after 20 min.
what is the problem..

plzzzz reply me its urgent