I am trying to invoke a webservice from javascript.

When I work locally (html and javascript on my PC) calling the webservice on a remote pc, it is successfully working. However, when I put the htm & javascript on another pc and I open the page using ip of other pc, I am getting "Service unavailable" error!

Do you have any idea?

The following is the code I am using:
HTML Code:
<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
function init()
service.onServiceAvailable = alertReady;

function alertReady() {

function getQuote() {

function onmyresult(result)
if (!result.error) {
service.innerHTML = result.value;
service.innerHTML = "Error: " + result.errorDetail.code + " " + result.errorDetail.string + " " + result.errorDetail.raw;
<BODY onload="init()">
<button onclick="getQuote()">Get Quote of the Day</button> 
<div id="service" style="behavior:url(htc/webservice.htc)"></div>