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The list does not make difference unless you try to do each of them in a better way.
I agree with this comment. It isn't just a case of what you do, but how you do it. Your competitors have access to the same information as you regarding SEO and unless you do things different and/or better than they do, you are not going to rise above them. To give an example, I found very few of my competitors on forums, and none of them active recently. So I have given that a higher priority than some of my other tasks, which is great for me because I like it anyway
As another example, I tried posting videos on youtube but it didn't work because frankly they weren't very good (just powerpoint slide shows converted to movies) and got few views. But I intend to shoot some actual video in the summer and try again, because although some of my competitors have a presence there, theirs aren't very good either.
The point is that just completing the items on a list won't in itself bring you the results you want, it is what you put into each item that counts.

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