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If you want to be an SEO expert than you need basic knowledge in html. But as initial stage you can start with directory submission and social bookmarking.
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Originally Posted by Jasmine1 View Post
is html knowledge is compulsory or not for a professional search engine optimizer
As anyone can set themselves up as a professional in SEO, so I don't think there is anything that is compulsory about it. I could be wrong (and someone please correct me if I am wrong) but I don't think there are any universally recognized qualifications in the field of SEO.
But in terms of carrying out SEO, whether amateur or professional, yes some knowledge of html is required. However, as this is mainly amending or adding to what is already there, you don't need to be an expert in it and there is plenty of help freely available online.
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yes the basic knowladge of HTML is needful for seo
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I am agreed with other members, the knowledge of basic html, xml and CSS is very helping in the field of SEO because they are used in on-page and somewhere in off-page SEO processes. Having knowledge of these will help you to grab the things easily.
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You can even do some redirections from other sites if you know HTML