I need to take an image from a bitmap file and display it in my GUI. To load the image I use LoadImage with LR_LOADFROMFILE. Then I select it into a memory DC and finally call BitBlt to get it onto the screen.

My problem seems to be that when I select it into memory DC it does not get selected. I assume this because SelectObject is returning NULL. I cannot get any further information as SelectObject does not appear to set GetLastError (which is not mentioned in the documentation for SelectObject).

I wonder if SelectObject will work on an object loaded with LoadImage. The documentation on SelectObject list the functions with which the GDI object must be created; LoadImage is not among them. However a bit of browsing comes up with loads of examples of objects created with LoadImage being selected into DCs. In any case, if LoadImage will not work what should I be using?

I'm somewhat new to GDI, so any help would be appreciated.