Well, im making a 'media player' typething, so the scrolling text in this case will be the title... Meaning its automatically assigned, so it neds to scroll on its own...

Ok, i have enough room for 20 characters to fit until the title will need to scroll... Im having it delay 1/2 second which is used via:


This isnt for windows, so thats my delay right there...

Ok, so far ive been thinking how the im going to do this... so im just guessing here...

(the string is just an example, its actually set to the name...)
char title[] = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz";
int titleLength = strlen(title), overChars;
int scrollDistance;
int titleX = 50, titleY = 5;
while (1) {
              printTextScreen(titleX-scrollDistance, titleY, title, RGBA(255,255,255,100));
   if ( titleLength > 20 ) {
                   overChars = titleLength - 20;
                   scrollDistance = overChars * 7;
Well... i think this here will print out the title titleX - 42... but i want it to scroll character by character, meaning it will print itout -7, then -7 again, then -7 again, until it reaches 42...

i know a for loop is necessary... could someone help me out on this?