Which compiler are you using?
Which microcontroller (specify exactly, e.g. Microchip PIC16F887)?
What hardware is it connected to? Post a circuit diagram.
What are the nature of the inputs; are they analog or digital, and what form does the input take: is it a continuously varying signal, a stream of 1's and 0's, etc?
What are the outputs; are they LEDs, some kind of display (what exactly)? What exactly do you want the outputs to do in relation to the inputs: if LEDs and binary inputs, do the LEDs just display the inputs 1=on, 0=off? You mentioned printing - are you connected to a printer in the sense that an HP Laserjet is a printer, or do you mean something different by "print"?

If you're completely new to microcontrollers then the best advice is to follow a tutorial to get you started. Try this for starters:
Or you could invest in one of the MikroElektronika boards; I just got myself an EasyPIC6.