We're a team called WiredForWar creating the RTS/FPS game called Machines 2. It's the sequel to the game "Machines" made by Acclaim Entertainment.

Unfortunately we have everything we need, except some good C++ programmers

The game is going to be, as mentioned above, a RTS/FPS. The RTS part will combine game styles as Starcraft, Warcraft, Supreme Commander, Total annihilation, C&C Generals, Rise of Nations, Empire earth, Earth 2150 and of course Machines 1. Things like customisable weapons and customisable units will be made possible in this game. The FPS part will combine games like Battlefield and Halo. We will also try to make the game highly moddable so that weapons, units, buildings and abilities can be added freely.

When the game is finished you will get part of the rights, that will allow you to create copies of the game which you can sell legally.

If you're interested in joining our international, active and persistent team, you have good knowledge of C++ and are responsible or you want more information, contact me at wouterdude1@hotmail.com