Some one mentioned doing it basically this way

int sale = ((taxPercent[0]/100) * price)  * 100;
int decimal = sale % 100;
int wholeSale = sale/100

printf("Purchase Price: %d.%d", wholeSale, decimal);
Since I have three stores is there a way to do this in arrays?
When I do this is comes out right with the first store. The second store however, with the number I use (23.455) of a tax rate of 7.5 shows a tax of 1.759125; shows in on there as 1.75 when it should show 1.76. Did I do it right and it should show the 1.75 or is there a way to do it to get it to be 1.76?

I hope this all makes sense and thanks in advance for any help you can provide.