root access

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is there a way to give an account other then root, root access? permanently? because i have many files that i need root access to edit and it is driving me nuts, not being about to put stuff in some files and not being able to take them out of others.
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If you are a linux user you can use PAM to give such permissions
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If you and the superuser are in a group then the superuser can grant access..
1. Login as root..
2. change the permissions of the files to 777 chmode -r 0777 .. it will change the permissions recurssively.. If you don't want for others then give 770 instead of 777..
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I guess its chmod -R 777 and not -r but both may work but not sure of
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Thanks Shabbir.. Ya.. -R is correct.. even I am also not sure whether -r will work not not.. I remeber 'r' for recurssive.. so menctioned as -r.. sorry for that...