The cd is first quick erased and then writed but when it is opened and tried to copy that data , it doesn,t copy and shows an error message-"data cannot be read from sector(sector no. )".
This can be for 2 reasons as you have mentioned
1. CD is corrupted
2. Drive is unable to write the data correctly

Remedies for them
1. If CD is corrupted change the CD.
2. Drive is unable to write can be for 2 reasons
You have a high speed CD writing and as speed is high many smaller files are skipped due to high speed and cannot be read at destination CD-ROM.
Use slow speed of 12x but max of 24x and not more than that.
CD Writer is not fully operating properly and nothing can be done from your part apart from chnaging the drive or repairing it.

Shabbir Bhimani