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first, i would like to say thank you for the feedback.

this project started off as just a hobby but now after all this time and effort i really want this site to be something

i must say.. you guys know what your really talking about. boost is the biggest speed bump that i have come across. (and i thought coding was hard).

this is what i have tried. posting on sites like digg and reddit, posting in forums, and telling friends. but it seems like that is not enough. so now i am trying to buy fans love by doing a giveaway. i bought myself a wii and some itunes gift cards. i just hope i dont end up losing more money buy buying users.

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Whatever you do confine links to signatures only and I would suggest use Google Adwords to Buy users
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I love the site, very nice template and all. keep it up.
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I admit, very nice...good job
I like the simple contrast of colors and the color's arrangement and the design ....
I know there are a lot of social networking sites, which makes it a bit hard for you or for any one to make his site unique and better
If you are asking about traffic for ur new site, i guess u may get ur list listed at worldwide directories
And focus on link building which is a good means to spread sites these days
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Very nice site, although the name is a little strange.
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nice its seems professional