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Thanks kyle. when is about design is hard for me and i mean that it is not hard to replace background but design must be made by a designer. i need ideas to make more functions for that forum e.g. today posts. i have seen on g4e and i have made it. maybe vbuletin's is more advanced but i made it simple and i do not lag my script. after this script i think i will make a bloging software. not like wp but closer.
I have moved FAQ as you sugested

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well you're right... the design should be made by a designer... and yeah vbuletin is way more advanced but what's the point of a heavy script website when you can have it simple. i'd say grat work on that... and keep searching new functions to make it more accessible.
that blogging software is a very ambicious project ===> me gustaaa !!! lol
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thanks kyle. I have started to make the sensible pages (those with DB connection) to give 404 error if the one who uses the page is not admin on site. I can say that works like a charm. This way the page cant be accessed by outsiders. I don't even need administration panel.
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still have a lot of work my friend. i mean i don't like websites with a black background and also the fonts should be change a little
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Thanks for sugestion. I have made another theme for my forum. some changelog :
- made to use themes
- added some jquery bla bla bla's
- fixed a bug who allowed remote posts.
- welcome mail on registration
- added reCAPTCHA on registration

Currently i want to minimize the code , transform some large codes in functions and finish with languages. Currently only English is supported but Italian , spanish , french , romanian will be added.
Script is located at . Any ideas , please post.
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That is a good looking forum! =)

Personally I don't like the black background and the white text, I'd switch those two around.

It looks very neat but the titles could have a nicer font to spice it up a little.

Those blue rectangles, yes that's right I forgot what they're called, should be rounded more. It will give it a softer look and it will be amazing go for it!

Have fun building the community,
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as of now the site is not loading