Hello everyone!
Now I’m going to tell you a great way to re-use those softwares which are in trial version!!! There you will not need to search a fake serial number, not a crack of the exe file.

Registry Editing!

To do this, you have to know the name of the software vendor and the exact name of the software, after knowing it uninstall it from your pc and remove the program folder from the Program Files folder. [Before doing this, make sure that you have the setup copy of the trial software!] Now edit your registry by START -> RUN -> Type “regedit” <enter>.
Now find the registry keys which have the name of the software as well as the software vendor. And simply delete them!
You will find all the registry entries in
Here you’ll see all the registry entries in folder icon, to remove any registry entry delete the main folder e.g, if you have a software named XXX then delete the total XXX folder tree and then restart your pc and reinstall the software! Now it is ready to reuse!!!


Before editing registry, create a back up of it by Selecting My Computer in the registry editor window and then File -> Export.
Before deleting any entry, make sure what are you going to delete!
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK because if you delete any other important entry in the registry it may harmful to your pc!