Found the solution..

Here is how to use the Registry

' Save text1's value
SaveSetting App.EXEName, "textboxes", "text1", text1.Text

' Get text1's value
text1.text = GetSetting (App.EXEName, "textboxes", "text1", "")

SaveSetting stores the data in the Registry (in HKEY_CURRENT_USER|Software|VB and VBA Program Settings|YourAppName). The four parts of the function are the name under which it is stored (App.EXEName in this case), "textboxes" in this example is like the section name in an ini file, "text1" is like the key in a line of data in the ini file, and text1.text is the value.

GetSetting returns the value. The 4th parameter ("" in this case) is optional and it is the default if no registry entry is found.