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Hello Kido!
About your first problem;
My ques is that have you format ur pc? If not then repair it, may be some files are missing!

And about second,
There is no different types of battery, but are u sure that u have installed it properly?
It will better to check it and change ur BIOS settings to default value and then set it as u wish!

Wish this will help u to solve it!!!

Sorry 4 my late reply,
Those 2 problems were already fixed.

1. I didn't know clearly what make it failed to boot, but I tried to open all my CPU stuff, and rebuilt it ( I don't know how to say it English, hope u all can understand )

2. Thx 2 u Pankaj, i found that there is a bios setting value changed, I forget what the setting name, but it is about to prompt me to setup my bios every time I turn on my PC.
after I disable it, the problem was fixed.

thx 4 all tips
Sorry 4 my bad English