Hello Every One!
Here I'm going to tell a great thing i.e, how to repair or recover Windows XP after crashing! Some times at the time of boot we see a message SYSTEM FILE MISSING includes the file name, many of us are unknown to solve this problem!
To solve it you have to collect a Windows XP bootable cd. The procedures are -
Configure your BIOS setting, change FIRST BOOT DEVICE TO CD/DVD. [To open BIOS press F2 or DELETE {Varies for different mother boards}, then go to BOOT change the setting and save and exit or press F10].
Then insert the cd, when prompts PRESS ANY KEY TO BOOT FROM CD... press a key and wait.
At the first screen when it prompts PRESS ENTER TO SETUP WINDOWS XP, PRESS R TO REPAIR, PRESS F3 TO EXIT that time press "r".
Then a window opes just like DOS.
Here you have to choice your WINDOWS XP usually it is choice 1 i.e, press 1 and enter.
Then type the administrator password if unknown press enter.
Then type these commands-
c:\windows>chkdsk \p
and then chkdsk \r

It solves the problem!