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please listen to my quary:[B]
when i am drawing the lines (graph) if window i minimized can i take the snapshot of bitmap, after restoring the window i want to store the bitmap. is it possible. so i m looking for like this kind of logic
but i am failing in minimizing and maximizing the window ctrl, and even i have to see hoe to store the bitmap in memory. please please help me......
The way you are looking is not the solution to the problem because if you are able to take the snapshot of the bitmaps and then restore it but it should be something like the way you have rendered the bitmap you should store the parameters of that when it maximizes it should be able to draw excatly the same bitmap with the same parameters used.

If its unable to that means you are not drawing the entire image before the minimize and some image portion is there in the buffer and you are drawing over that one which is not the case when you min and max it.