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  int i;
This will be infinite loop.

Originally Posted by SunilC
I guess it doesnt result in an Infinite loop but instead keeps on getting executed until the entire memory gets exhausted.. Could I please get a validation??
It will defintely result in an infinite loop for a simple reason that the variable being declared is removed from the memory when it goes out of scope and so this will not be what you are thinking.

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Could i get to know what heap memory means??
A heap is a specialized tree-based data structure. Its base datatype (used for node keys) must be an ordered set.

Let A and B be nodes of a heap, such that B is a child of A. The heap must then satisfy the following condition (heap property):

key(A) ≥ key(B)

Does that refer to data segment? (if yes could i plz get to know how size of data segment is determined)??
Data segment is something related to compiler as far as I can think of and is not related to heap memory.