> Its interesting that patron of the year gave this reply. Just imagine if we are suppose to get the similar answers from our teachers

Asadullah's correct, it's a waste of time typing a response to a question that can easily be Googled. The difference between us and your teachers is that they are paid to teach you directly. If you want to pay us the appropriate rate then yes of course we'll teach you directly instead of pointing you to Google.

But while we're giving you our help free of charge you take it on our terms, which are that you Google stuff first and check out the basics, THEN we'll help you with stuff you don't understand.

Also, an essential skill for programmers is that you can find out stuff for yourself. In the course of a programmer's life you will read MANY manuals and you will have to dig, often for hours on end, to find stuff out, and there won't always be someone on hand to spoon-feed you the answer. If you can't find something then there are two problems (1) you need to find something out and (2) you don't know where to look. If you haven't even bothered to check Google then you're going to get a short answer - JFGI.

And it's obvious you haven't checked Google when the question you asked is entered into Google verbatim and the first few hits contain the answer. For example just Google "c++ pointer reference" - the top hit doesn't seem relevant to me but hits 2,3,4,5 and 6 seem directly relevant.

And in fact the TOP hit in Google for "References vs Pointers" is directly relevant.