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When we link back to the website that provided us a link is called as reciprocal link. It is kind of back linking.
what words/text do we use to link ?
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I will second above comment, I think the reciprocal links carry less weight than one way links... one way links gains the highest pr possible from the linking page.
I don't know properly in which way you say less weight. But I have seen that if you are taking one way links from your niche sites then search engines give a great preference to that. Because its natural procedure. Give and take policy.
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Reciprocal link building means, Link exchange that is you place your partner's site link on your site and he will place your link on his site. But, Google does not give more values to these kinds of links; however, few of such backlinks are fine but not excess.
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These are links to another website placed on your site in exchange for links back to your site from theirs.It is an agreement between two webmasters.Reciprocal links can also help to increase traffic to your web site's Avatar, Join Date: Feb 2011
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This is the procedure by which one site agrees to link to another site in return for a link back from that site.