Hi experts,
my following program is SUPPOSED TO read in following contents from INPUT.txt file

mystery sherlock_holmes conan_doyle b 0 1
jokes what_a_gag jose_johnson b 0 1
magazines expat alan b 0 1
comics archies archies b 0 1
comedy tom_and_jerry c 0 1
my upload.c program

struct books
 char title[100];
 char author[50];
 char subject[50];
 char type;
 int borrower; // 0 no one borrowed
 int available;


struct size
 int total_books;
 int t_m;


void upload(struct books book[1000] ,struct size n);

int main()
 struct size n;
 struct size book[1000];

return 0;

void upload(struct books book[1000] ,struct size n)

int i=0;

FILE *f;

f = fopen("INPUT.txt","r");

 if(f == NULL)
  printf("\n\tERROR : UNable to open file....\n"); 

while( (i < 4) && (fscanf(f,"%s%s%s%c%d%d\n",&(book[i].subject),&(book[i].title),&(book[i].author),&(book[i].type),&(book[i].borrower),&(book[i].available) ) == 6))
printf("%s %s %s %c %d %d\n",  (book[i].subject),(book[i].title),(book[i].author),(book[i].type),(book[i].borrower),(book[i].available) );


it does not print out the read data, so can you help me please.
there is also a warning for upload(book,n); -- integer to pointer or something like that