First of all I would like to Welcome you to this community of programmers.

Here is the code to do what you need
int CWordsDlg::GetRandomNumer(int high,int low)
   time_t SeedTime;
   struct tm SeedDate;
   SeedTime = time(0);
   SeedDate = *localtime(&SeedTime);
   int FinalSeed = (int)SeedTime + SeedDate.tm_mday + (SeedDate.tm_mon+1) + (SeedDate.tm_year+1900);
   srand((unsigned int) FinalSeed);
   int Interval = high - low + 1;
   int RandomOffset = rand() % Interval;
   int RandomNumber = low + RandomOffset;
   return RandomNumber;
Its a fairly simple function which needs any explanation but then also if you need any just put a post here.

Shabbir Bhimani