I'm looking for a Workflow Engine that could fit my project's needs.

I have evaluated Activiti and JBPM
However, they did not address my exact needs.

So my application, which is Java based, currently does not have a workflow engine in place.
It is a fairly complicated application with a lot of different modules and different entities.
We want to integrate a workflow engine which would convert the current possible states of every entity into a workflow.
Currently every entity has states that are not workflow driven. (say open, fixed, verified, closed)
So, a user can select any state from any other one (which is not always right). Approvals cannot be configured on individual states

We want a workflow engine that will fit right in and convert the current states to a workflow. However, we want to give some flexibility to the administrator to be able to define/modify workflows through a graphic user interface (drag and drop).

Can anyone suggest a workflow engine which could fit in here?
Please ask if you need more details, and I could provide those.