i just did simple common sense hacking i dont even know if you can really call it that. just facebook gives out insane amounts of information on people making it so easy to get the email and hack any other services. alot people only use one email for several account they have on different sites. i simply took their email went to yahoo/hotmail or whatever site they used and put in the birthday (which shows on anyones profile) where they lived and area code (also on facebook) and answered their security question by simply doing a little bit of research. like one persons was "whats the name of your pet?" and the person of course has a picture of their pet with its name right on their facebook. so really facebook just lists way to much information. so its really easy to get peoples email and all there information on facebook. it lists everything you would need to "recover" a password for an email. once your in their email you send yourself a password reset notification from facebook and boom your in. just common sense really it gives you there email and everything that goes along with it. its just common sense really. nothing too great but it works.