I am making an update to a ESQLC program that is using topend to communicate with Windows..

I have been having a problem separating a string.

I have column on a table that holds the address of a printer in the following format.
Its not always guaranteed to be that length.

I pull that list back via FETCh into.... but NOW i want to split it into two different variables. One with the IP and the other with the Port.
so char oIPnPort[] = "";
would be split up and copied into two separate variables

char oIP[] = "111.1223.123.123";
char oPort[] = "5000";

Could someone give me an example of how to do this via C???

Use of pointers or anything else would be ok... just need help...

This split would remove the : between the port and IP as well... I know I want to copy whats to the right of the : in one variable"port" and whats to the left of the : in IP.