Actually, I came on here to get help. I think the wiseass on the self-entitlement binge is the person who spends all day scouring these forums in a sad attempt to enforce the fine print.

Comparing asking a question in a QUESTIONS forum to farting in a church is borderline retardation...well, that's not surprising for someone of your caliber, is it?

I figured out my problem on my own. I almost feel sorry for you...seeing as you have absolutely nothing better to do than harass people for 'disobeying' the rules. Give me a break!

Here's an idea: stop hanging around forums all day harassing people and get a social life. And no, talking on forums doesn't count.

What a complete waste of my time and energy. If you are a sample of what the community is like on these forums then I would rather lodge a barbed, acid tipped, red hot rusty nail in my eye than spend another minute of my life here.