Purpose of a function

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Hello all,

func(int* a, int b)
while((*a&(1 << b))==0);

Can someone tell me the hidden purpose of this code?
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Depending on the values of a and b it will execute.
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It will either do nothing (if *a & (1<<b) is zero) or hit an infinite loop (if *a & (1<<b) is non-zero).

Best bet is to go after whoever wrote that code and give them a good LARTing, or at least ask them what the point of the function was, because they've almost certainly coded it wrong.

*IF* the function is within a multithreaded program and some other thread is modifying *a, then it might be useful - it would wait until the b-th bit of *a is clear. But this is a terrible way of doing it because it uses 100% CPU until that is done.