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What I meant is you Pay adwords for people coming to you site and earn it through Adsense to an extent you paid to Adwords and that is equal to you not paying to adwords.
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oh yea, that was quite simple :P
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Google Adword or Pay per click/pay per impression/pay per acquisition are just one aspect of online marketing. Think beyond that SEO comes first. Social networking sites help a lot. article marketing is a good starategy and if you can have some press releases to promote your brand it works well for both branding point of view and for driving traffic.
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There are various channels which are using now days for promoting websites like
article submission,,forum participation,,link building,,FLD and PLD,,blog writing and social bookmarking.
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Look in optimizing your website with SEO. Why pay for rankings when you can achieve them for free?
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SEO helps! Its what we call the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic of a website on search engines via organic or natural search results on targeted keywords. Remember to do On-Page (its done within the site) first then next is Off-Page Optimization (its done outside your site).
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I would rather suggest you to stress more on the search optimization which will enable you to promote your site in the most effective and affordable way.
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Creating Backlink is a important role for promoting site.and by using social Networking & submitting directory you can promote your site.
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Call me a traditionalist, but I recommend you buy a book about website marketing and SEO. Yes I know a paper book! There internet is full of advice and can lead in many directions and tangents. Sometimes a simple book of distilled information can go a long way to get you started.
- Ben
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By social bookmarking and social networking you can promote your website.