Case blocks must be terminated with break otherwise it will continue to the next:
int x=1;
case 1: printf("x is 1\n");
case 2: printf("x is 2\n");
will print both x is 1 *and* x is 2.

I still don't see where you're deciding which side of the card to show (perhaps you haven't attempted to write that code yet). I also don't get what GetNextNum is trying to do; it seems unnecessarily complicated.

A much simpler algorithm for GetNextNumber is to forget static variables and initialise the array in a separate routine which you call once at the start of main. Populate the array with numbers 0 to size-1 then for each entry in the array swap it with a randomly selected other entry in the array.

When you want to display the card you decide which side to show; this doesn't need to be stored anywhere if I understand it correctly, so just pick a random number below 2, check if it's 0 or 1 and display the relevant side of the card. Or do you need to store the side random number, and if so why?