hi dears .
I have to make my own web site browser to connect through a proxy to connect my site , show the site and download files from my site .
which programming language is best for it?

these are what i need and expect from this browser .

1/ connect through a proxy to my site
2/ update itself and it's proxy address and my web site address automatically in begin of connecting , from a ssl host (to update more secure)
3/ could have a fast download manager in itself so files download by it and not by download managers .
4/ doesnt show any address of any file , doesnt have right click and any option to show the links locations or address site .
5/ any body cann't reach to the source of program or the proxy or the web site address that it connects to them .

i will Appreciate any help very much .

(im civil engineer but because of my interest in programming i've studied vb6 myself , but im ready to learn any language that is best and easiest for making my browser )