I'm getting ready to start a project in my Software Engineering class and I've been assigned the role of Analyst. I will be contacting the "company" to begin the process. If Im remembering my System Analysis class correctly I need to come up with some good questions to ask the "company" in order to start with the diagrams and flow charts prior to coding. The program will be developed in Java and use Oracle.

Im wanting to try and cover all possible issues with the initial meeting to ease the process of structuring this thing out. This is the entire project. This is all I was given:

We have a single-step production process through which all our products must run. Subcomponents arrive to be processed with some variation in interarrival time. The time it takes them in processing also varies.
For each order, a customer provides a best finish time plus a penalty for finishing late and a penalty for finishing early. Given Java.class files to generate order arrivals with their associated properties, we need you to deliver a simulation tool that can calculate our long-term average cost over a large number of simulations under different scheduling policies., e.g. First-Come-First-Served vs. Earliest Due Date First.
We have an operations research consultant that will recommend policies. Your deliverable needs to be able to run and store in a database the detailed results of a large number of repetitions for each combination of conditions and associated cost parameters and policy info. You will also need to report statistics of interest for the simulations. e.g. fraction of late deliveries.
We need a simple GUI that will allow our capacity planners to change the number of machines in your and their properties (speed) to investigate factory improvement proposals that are desperately needed.
I am initiating first contact with their "expert" Saturday Morning. I've got a few basic questions such as "user skillset" and "do you need a passcode" but I wanted some more ideas. If there are any technical questions I should ask project related that you see from reading this that would be a huge help too! What are the questions you would ask during this first meeting?